Kiko Kaid

lofi hip-hop

Artwork by  Abigaze Sinpole

Artwork by Abigaze Sinpole

Quartet {bt}

Sounds like a warp in time. Back to simpler days. Each song themed around history. I wanted to make it seem like the whole record was recorded by a quartet. Using a limited amount of tracks and instrumentation. Going for a more jazzy approach for this {bt}. Quartet is definitely the direction Kiko is going in. Smooth laid back, thick, and retro.

Released: September 20th, 2019



Samples featuring Forest Kids & RANDEL (the ghost). As well as features from upcoming project Mr. Rai & Just the Architects. From smooth guitar vibes in Dazed and YTFPIS, to dissociative synths and pads in One Chance, Creep, & Ghost Clan. Ghost Clan features Mr. Rai on guitar. Bringing in the smooth jazzy vibes. More team-ups from Kiko Kaid coming later this year.

Released: May 20th, 2019


OnaLite (feat. Taki Brano)

A small collaboration between myself and a friend (Taki Brano). Myself providing the guitars and beat. Taki started the collaboration with the piano loop and eventually sent several more textures and the lead piano. Smooth, dark, and smokey. More collaborations to come ~

Released: May 1st, 2019

Artwork by Stavi Xinou

Artwork by Stavi Xinou

August {bt}

First official lofi-hiphop beattape from the Collective. Classic boom-bap beats with deep hiphop sub’s. Kiko Kaid’s character is a scavenger stalker and it shows in their music. By taking samples and stems from other alias’s throughout the Collective. Alias’s sampled: H A C E, Imisu, Forest Kids, Just the Architects, and RANDEL (the ghost). People Eating Fruit & Danni Holmes feature on the beattape as well !

Released: February 23rd, 2019


TakeOver (feat. People Eating Fruit) [single]

Flipped sample from an unreleased People Eating Fruit song. Branden Bauer of PEF vocals are slowed and pitched up, along with the phase guitars and hard hitting hiphop beat. With the use of some sweep filter & trap samples, TakeOver is a bop.

Released: December 5th, 2018

PM copy.jpg

Bluntlips [single]

The first single from Kiko Kaid. Diving into lofi-hiphop. Using pitched hiphop snares and 808s. Bluntlips is a slow calm introductory track for this project. Using deep guitar looping for the backtrack and other small instrumentation. With sampling of waves crashing and a voicemail.
Released: November 6th, 2018