Ever since I was young sound and music always fascinated me. It was always a crucial part of my life and has kept me sane throughout the years. My older brother inspired me play drums when I was 11 and was in his death-metal band by the time I was 12. Music was the first thing I was good at and took pride in what my craft. In 2010 my brother took his own life, leaving myself an angst 14 year old destroyed. After some self-reflection and shifting of world views I turned to music for my therapy. Finding solace and inspiration within electronic music particularly ambient and instrumental styles. I began learning several instruments and how to record myself and never looked back.

Forest Kids Universe

Since then I have developed a total 27 separate projects and alias' with different genres, signatures, and styles. Not all projects are released and some will remain unreleased for a long time. Each project is personified as a character that reflects the music within this vast totality that is the "Forest Kids Universe." Each album, EP, and song all have significant meaning to the characters development, the universes landscape, and plot for the entire story. 

Example: Crossing Bridges' ambient sleep record "Dromida" is a small grouping of artificial planets with life on half of them. He created them as an homage to Violet A. Foster (Crossing Bridges Wife) who transcended and became 'Imisu' (Goddess of sleep & nostalgia). 



If you are interested my freelance services (recording/mixing/mastering/producing) please feel free to contact me and we can talk about it. All projects are treated with enthusiasm, individuality, and professionalism. 

If you are interested in helping out or just want to talk about the FOREST KIDS UNIVERSE please contact me. As of right now I am still storyboarding and in character development, in addition to writing new music constantly. If you think you can help in anyway don't hesitate to contact me, lets get some dialogue going !


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