Latest Releases

(From December 25th 2018, to now)

Artwork by  Abigaze Sinpole

Artwork by Abigaze Sinpole

Kiko Kaid - Quartet {bt}

Sounds like a warp in time. Back to simpler days. Each song themed around history. I wanted to make it seem like the whole record was recorded by a quartet. Using a limited amount of tracks and instrumentation. Going for a more jazzy approach for this {bt}. Quartet is definitely the direction Kiko is going in. Smooth laid back, thick, and retro.

Released: September 20th, 2019


NOYU.SIR - Mrs. Arcade [single]

Written and Produced back in 2015. Originally written for Crossing Bridges but Mrs. Arcade soon came to be its own and now NOYU.SIR is born. This downtempo yet uplifting EDM track is definitely a more energetic song out of the collective. Dancing synths being reflected by shimmering pads, all the while slower breakbeat/drum n’ bass style drums keeping the the progression along to the climax which is the engulfing bass drops towards the end of the song.

Released: September 10th, 2019

Imisu - Dark Hearth FINAL.jpg

Imisu - Dark Hearth

A cauldron of sound, all solo piano. Recorded at WRTI’s Performance Studio on their Steinway Spirio Grand. An improved session of two hours. I edited and layered multiple delays and reverse tracks throughout; giving it that true Imisu presence. The album is extremely cohesive in being a blending of sound and emotion. Almost like the rippling of water. It seems like it is in some sort of rhythm, but is really just chaos.. and that is the beauty of Dark Hearth.

Released: August 6th, 2019

Artwork by PEF & TASH

Artwork by PEF & TASH

People Eating Fruit - SugarMan [single]

A candy coated PEF single! Funky/noodly synths, three part harmonies, throat singing, “One Tree Hill” acoustic guitar vibes, and of course.. a fat hiphop beat! Branden, Paul, and myself equally share this track vocally, taking turns in the verses and layering in the pop rap verse towards the end of the track. Check out this sweet bop & music video before it melts!!!

Released: July 25th, 2019

Artwork by  Abigaze Sinpole

Artwork by Abigaze Sinpole

Ovilis - Deep Within the Pyramid Walls

A two track release from Ovilis with the signature gritty distorted and washed out. Incorporating more electronic and acoustic percussion and even drum-set parts to fill out the rhythm more. Along with spacey airy pads throughout the first & second song (featuring Imisu), includes retro SFX of crashing waves and lofi synths. The Gate is a peaceful transition of how Ovilis becomes Imisu. Secret remix of Ma’am on bandcamp.

Released: July 19th, 2019


WAVE COMPLEX - Cut Me a Break

WC is back with some more backbone. Still keeping the signature progressive running synths and IDM / breakbeat drums. More trap and trance related vibes throughout. Even featuring a track with _XPRESSWINDOW giving it that slowed trot ending on the title track. All and all CMAB is certainly a progression of WC sound.

Released: June 12th, 2019


Violet A. Foster & Phlegmatic Stare - A Passing

Spooky, creepy, small ambient song. What sounds like the sound track to a 70s or 80s horror film. The wave of unpredictable string plucks, and glassy keys coming in with an unsettling bend to them. A Passing certainly captures both Violet’s odd sound and Phlegmatic Stare’s.

Released: June 6th, 2019


Kiko Kaid - PINBALL MONKEY {bt}

Second Kiko beattape, with samples featuring Forest Kids & RANDEL (the ghost). As well as features from upcoming project Mr. Rai & Just the Architects. From smooth guitar vibes in Dazed and YTFPIS, to dissociative synths and pads in One Chance, Creep, & Ghost Clan. Ghost Clan features Mr. Rai on guitar. Bringing in the smooth jazzy vibes. More team-ups from Kiko Kaid coming later this year.

Released: May 20th, 2019


Kiko Kaid & Taki Brano - OnaLite [single]

A small collaboration between myself and a friend (Taki Brano). Myself providing the guitars and beat. Taki started the collaboration with the piano loop and eventually sent several more textures and the lead piano. Smooth, dark, and smokey. More collaborations to come ~

Released: May 1st, 2019


GoldEater - Psychic Shards

Gritty, distorted, angry, and psychedelic IDM / Downtempo beats. The use of extremely distorted guitar, breakbeats, and hard hitting experimental rhythms. With trippy interludes and outros of clean guitar and dissonant pads and synths. Psychic Shards is the first major release for GoldEater, solidifying it’s sound as this warped dark abstract industrial vibe.

Released: April 11th, 2019

Artwork by Sean Clark

Artwork by Sean Clark

People Eating Fruit - CITY ON THE MOON

A nu-metal / rap-rock dumb silly bullshit song we did over the summer of 2018. With a toy-box style outro. CITY ON THE MOON rips. With distorted drone metal guitars and aggressive trap samples stabbing in the choruses. Branden Bauer speed raps. Just an all and all good time.

Released: April 1st, 2019


Violet A. Foster & TransHumanist - WOON

Engulfing dark drone ambient track. Sampled from TransHumanist record RMDD. WOON is a texture rich 8 minute long experience that is ideal to fall asleep to on loop. With that gritty, airy, distorted vibe that makes Violet A. Foster Very minimal, yet extremely enthralling when played on high volume.

Released: March 20th, 2019

Artwork by Stavi Xinou

Artwork by Stavi Xinou

Kiko Kaid - August {bt}

First official lofi-hiphop beattape from the Collective. Classic boom-bap beats with deep hiphop sub’s. Kiko Kaid’s character is a scavenger stalker and it shows in their music. By taking samples and stems from other alias’s throughout the Collective. Alias’s sampled: H A C E, Imisu, Forest Kids, Just the Architects, and RANDEL (the ghost). People Eating Fruit & Danni Holmes feature on the beattape as well !

Released: February 23rd, 2019

Original illustration by Nigel Phillips

Original illustration by Nigel Phillips

Eco - Ani - Dreaming of You

Recorded and produced back in 2015 and recently remastered. Dreaming of you is an upbeat post-indie rock vibe. With spacey guitars filling out the song with reverbs and delayed midi percussion. This gives the whole track a very down to earth / warm vibe. I see big skies when I hear this. More to come from this newly released project !

Released: February 14th, 2019


Imisu - Sleep Moments 1

A new series of mini warp-y dry guitar tracks. Very minimal. The goal is to capture the listener in smooth cozy sound. Warm sounds and textures. Each track is written very spontaneously. Much more to come from Imisu this year.

Released: January 31st, 2019

Artwork by Sean Clark

Artwork by Sean Clark

People Eating Fruit - The Flowermouth Tape

*Choir singing* . Here it is ! Some of my most proud work in here. Made with my two best friends Branden Bauer & Paul O’Neill. It’s hard to describe in just a few sentences, but the main vibe is Hiphop meets Indie. From 808’s, trap drums, glossy synths, three part harmonies, acoustic guitar, and everything in between. People Eating Fruit is a bop machine.

Released: January 1st, 2019


Crossing Bridges & Violet A. Foster - Ambient Fingers Vol. 2

The collaboration series continues with Crossing Bridges and Violet A. Foster. Each song hosting extremely textured and cinematic moments. From bombastic and wide to small and fragile, Violet’s blurry-noise style mixed with the straightforward minimal ambient from Crossing Bridges.

Released: December 25th, 2018