Crossing Bridges

Full Name: Christopher Bridges

Is one of oldest beings within the FKU. Gifted with powerful thought-casting abilities to create immense structures and even worlds within the 2nd realm then pulls those creations into the world. Him and his brother Aura Lynd are plagued with a lesser form of immortality. 

Once the "Big Change" took place scientist Violet A. Foster was found by Christopher in the Mid Plains. With no memory of her world left Violet stays with Christopher. Christopher and Violet fall in love and create several structures and secrets within the world. Eventually they have Farrah (Fever Aches) & Ximen (_XPRESSWINDOW). After the untimely passing of Violet, Christopher creates the Dromida system in honor of her. Leaves Ximen to watch over the Crescent Peaks & Farrah with a small tribe in the Mid Plains. Christopher then travels the realms in search for Violet.

Illustrator: Nigel Phillips