Original Name: Unknown

Rampant dragon-cat like beast who's diet is minerals and gems. Coined the name GoldEater for it's first rampage devouring the desert tribes and ruins. supply of gold. Fought against the ancient goddess Ovilis and was imprisoned from her spell. The spell trapped GoldEater for 1000s of years until the "Big Change" transformed Ovilis into Imisu, thus disbanding the spell setting the monster free yet again.

During its imprisonment GoldEater was plagued by hypnotizing dreams and nightmares of the demon JEFF promising power and enlightenment through the GEMS. It is reborn with a new objective; to absorb all the GEMS to become the strongest. But not all GEMS are power giving. What will GoldEater encounter with its new evolving spiritual adventure.

Illustrations: Nigel Phillips & Andrew Arcangeli