Other Projects

Dead bands, or music not truly 100% affiliated with the Collective.

Photo by Stavi Xinou

Photo by Stavi Xinou

People Eating Fruit

Pop, Trap, Indie, and whatever else we want. Varied in style but all our songs our some of my most intricate work as the sole producer. Branden Bauer is the lead in lyric writing and Paul O’Neill elevates the entire sound with their out-of-this-world voice harmonizing with Myself & Branden.
Members: Branden Bauer, Paul O’Neill, & Myself

Photos by Stavi Xinou

Photos by Stavi Xinou

Cerulean Blue

Glam, Art, Experimental rock band I joined in 2017. Classic rock and psych rock elements. The band is a four piece that featured Kevin Brusha as writer, vocals and guitar. Sean Clark on Bass, Myself on Drums and Kyle Blessing on synth, lap steel, guitar, and violin.
Members: Kevin Brusha, Sean Clark, Kyle Blessing, & Myself


Larry Nodder

Emo, twinkle rock, progressive punk band I joined in 2016 to 2017. Featuring several different tunings and writing styles, Larry Nodder was one of the more fun bands I’ve been in. More on the releases here.
Members: Jeff Wasch, Keith Rodgers, Kendall Sharpe, and Myself



Indie rock band started in High School. Psychedelic rock & emo elements throughout the bands lifespan. Classic rock, funk, blues, and punk influences shape the direction of the band. 
Members: Antonio Nicosia, Tristan Jones, Chris Boyle, Alphie Campanese & Myself


Playgirl Mansion

Emo/Hardcore & alternative rock. We had several songs but this was the only track we recorded. Stripped down and acoustic. 
Members: Jordyn Lyric, Jeff Wasch, & Myself