Other Projects

Dead bands, or music not truly affiliated with the Collective.

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Cerulean Blue

Glam, Art, Experimental rock band I joined in 2017. Classic rock and psych rock elements. The band was a four piece that featured synth, lap steel, guitar, and violin all performed by Kyle Blessing of the band.
Members: Kevin Brusha, Sean Clark, Kyle Blessing, & Myself


Larry Nodder

Emo, twinkle rock, progressive punk band I joined in 2016 to 2017. Featuring several different tunings and writing styles, Larry Nodder was one of the more fun bands I’ve been in. More on the releases here.
Members: Jeff Wasch, Keith Rodgers, Kendall Sharpe, and Myself



Indie rock band started in High School. Psychedelic rock & emo elements throughout the bands lifespan. Classic rock, funk, blues, and punk influences shape the direction of the band. 
Members: Antonio Nicosia, Tristan Jones, Chris Boyle, Alphie Campanese & Myself


Playgirl Mansion

Emo/Hardcore & alternative rock. We had several songs but this was the only track we recorded. Stripped down and acoustic. 
Members: Jordyn Lyric, Jeff Wasch, & Myself