Violet A. Foster

A scientist from the old world. Was studying and working with newly discovered Sacred Gems along side Solomon Paley (Phlegmatic Stare). Violet is a loner at heart but yet found extreme interest in the supernatural her entire life, and now these gems. The nations of the world placed nuclear war on each other. Being corrupted by the supernatural effects of the gems Solomon convinced the military to use the gems within the warheads.

Violet and Solomon were in their laboratory once the missiles were in the air. Before bombs hit Solomon somehow activated all the gems in the lab causing Solomon to enter the 2nd realm and Violet left to the mercy of the warheads. For unknown reasons Violet was one of the several individuals warped into the 1st realm. Once awakened Violet is greeted by Christopher Bridges and has very little memory of her past life. Violet explores this new world laid out before her along with Christopher. After a while they fall in love and eventually have Farrah and Ximen (Fever Aches & _XPRESSWINDOW). 

Illustration by Nigel Phillips