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Winter Waves

_XPRESSWINDOW peeps his head out once more this year with this single. Winter Waves captures the true vibe that is _XPRESSWINDOW is. Long drawn out instrumentation extremely washed out and almost bring a cold vibe. This short single is a good taste of what this project brings to the table.
Released: August 30th, 2018

Original Artwork by Tiffany Bryne

Original Artwork by Tiffany Bryne


Honing the _XPRESSWINDOW signature sound after several months of carefully writing these four songs. Keeping some ideas from Crescent Peaks with heavy drags of tempo and adding washed out vocals. 

Released: January 30th, 2018

Crescent Peaks.jpg

Crescent Peaks - Single

New style of long dissociating repetitive IDM. With the theme of barren desolate emptiness, and embracing loneliness. The repetitive beat reveals itself more and more as the 8 minutes go by. A collaboration with visual artist Turbulent Determinism made this music-video. 
Released: April 20th, 2017


X - M A S

Unconventional Christmas songs. The whole vibe I get from just existing in November & December. With trap / hip-hop styled bass and psychedelic guitar work, gives these songs individuality over other releases thus far.

Released: December 25th, 2016


Summer Maj

First installment for _XPRESSWINDOW, heavy hip-hop drums and melty synths and vocal samples. IDM and EDM influences with a special track only on Bandcamp.

Released: April 16th, 2016