Illustration by Nigel Phillips

Illustration by Nigel Phillips


A huge step up from the previous releases as H A C E, 3’s instrumentation and writing jumps several levels from Onderland & I’ll Be Over. Plus featuring talented vocalist Danni Holmes on 6 out of 9 tracks (if you include “Still Existing…). 3 definitely stands out as a solid album.


Still Existing… ft. Danni Holmes (single)

Written in an afternoon, keeping that same H A C E vibe but maybe a little more put-together. There’s still simple instrumentation, of keys and some synth. After a few months of mixing and adjusting the sound vocalist Danni Holmes scats over top the beat with beautiful melodies.
Released: August 20th, 2018

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I'll Be Over {bt}

The second installment of the H A C E series. In this beattape there are disco and funk elements as well as the signature Lofi Hip-hop style. The second track "Embers2" is a analog warped version of what I originally released on Soundcloud as a teaser.

Released: October 31st, 2017


Onderland {bt}

First step in creating Lofi Hip-hop. In this beattape there are no samples and all instruments are recorded live. Any SFX is recorded in-house and/or a field recording. I made a music video for the track "Maskhead" here.

Released: May 5th, 2017