Ancient Name: Ovilis Uniusque Pastoris

Ancient Goddess of the desert plains. After a ritual gone wrong to make a physical thought-casted bridge from the 1st realm to the 2nd realm. The goddess finds herself trapped in some kind of limbo between the realms. Thousands of years later Phlegmatic Stare sets off the "Big Change" and brings several individuals from the "old world" to the realms.

Through this big change what is left of Ovilis in the Limbo becomes Imisu; the goddess of nostalgia, longing, yearning, and stillness. Wanting to experience the human condition that these individuals have brought to the realm. Imisu begins to look for a way to live in the physical again. 

After the passing of Violet A. Foster, her soul was wandering the 2nd Realm with a horrible deep sadness. Imisu made a deal with Violet that she could see her family again and have a body in the 1st Realm. So they split Violet's old body and consciousness and together become reincarnated as Eco-Ani.