"Ovilis Uniusque Pastoris"
Ancient Goddess of the Forest Kids Universe.


Artwork by Abigaze Sinpole

Artwork by Abigaze Sinpole

Deep Within the Pyramid Walls

A two track release from Ovilis with the signature gritty distorted and washed out. Incorporating more electronic and acoustic percussion and even drum-set parts to fill out the rhythm more. Along with spacey airy pads throughout the first & second song (featuring Imisu), includes retro SFX of crashing waves and lofi synths. The Gate is a peaceful transition of how Ovilis becomes Imisu. Secret remix of Ma’am on bandcamp.

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An Immortal Error

Ovilis, my first attempt at Drone Metal and/or anything this intense. With blurry overdriven guitars, warping bass, and howling distortion. Danni Holmes features her incredible voice on the first track "The Burning Palace" and Branden Bauer on guitar in "Mapping the Gun Trail." Including a Christmas choir reversed on "The Ritual." Very spooky, very intense.
Released: August 12th, 2018